James Doakes

James Doakes.

James Doakes (born March 10, 1962 - 2007) was a former Army Ranger in the U.S. military and a sergeant at Miami Metro Homicide.

Born in 1962, James Doakes grew up with his mother, father and two sisters. James later enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving as an Army Ranger.

After spending years in black operations, James gave up his promising military career in order to pursue a career in law enforcement in Miami, where he eventually became a sergeant in the Homicide Division of the Miami Metro Police Department.

At Homicide, James worked on multiple cases, such as the Ice Truck Killer case.


Early lifeEdit

Born on March 10, 1962, Doakes was raised by his mother and father alongside his two sisters; Jess and Roni. During his childhood, James was abused by his father, who was a butcher, frequently.